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A 4 PART Transformational Program


FACT…….When you know a person’s 8 Core values you earn 100% of their business and a whopping 4.1 introductions. (Forbes Study)

PART 1 of the LEGACY TALK PROGRAM empowers you with our exclusive Legacy Talk interview process, which reveals a person’s values system and forms a transformational relationship with the client and family.

In video tutorials (42 minutes total) with supporting templates you’ll learn…..

  • the 4 stages of an effective Legacy Talk interview
  • the right questions and sequence to elicit values-based legacy stories  
  • the ‘aha’ moment when the teller realizes the importance of legacy stories
  • how to record the interview with your smartphone or digital voice recorder
  • how to deliver the recorded Legacy Talk in a way that triggers enthusiastic referrals


A Legacy Talk exposes the importance of transmitting legacy stories, and the family will want a path forward. 

PART 2 of the Legacy Talk Program starts you off  with 25 Legacy Stories Handbooks. These remarkable tools of engagement  help families build a durable legacy portfolio on their own or with your assistance.

With over 200 legacy questions, recording tipsethical will templates, a legacy asset checklist and more, these interactive Handbooks deliver an impressive value add and are your guide for performing legacy coaching sessions.


PART 3 of the Legacy Talk Program helps to elevate your community profile to legacy authority status with our stockpile of writings and research over the past decade.

The Legacy Talk Digest delivers a consistent flow of educational and inspirational legacy contentAs you incrementally learn and share this valuable information you’ll attract interest in your service, get invited to speak to groups, and garner media attention as the consummate legacy authority

In bi-weekly email editions you’ll receive…

  • legacy-relevant articles, photos & videos to post in your social media
  • thought-provoking legacy quotes to weave into your messaging
  • tips for using the Legacy Café Podcast to attract interest in you!
  • recorded webinars on a host of client-enrichment and acquisition topics
  • and much more!

Part 4. THE ImpleMENTOR

Transformational Advisors can take their practice to a higher level with our ImpleMentor Web Classes.

PART 4 of the Legacy Talk Program includes one-on-one ImpleMentor classes so you can learn how to:

  • record and conduct remote online Legacy Talks
  • deliver a Legacy Talk group presentation that generates quality appointments
  • use our Legacy Concierge service to provide a full range of legacy asset management
  • connect with 20+ quality referral sources you never thought of
  • establish rates and packages to offer recurring Legacy Talk meetings

……….and many more next level topics

Affordable - Efficient - Effective

Transformational Program



Dennis is a former Senior VP-Branch Manager for UBS/PaineWebber. Over a career spanning 20+ years, Dennis built a network of professionals in Estate Planning, Wealth Management, Accounting and Insurance with a focus on complex intergenerational wealth planning.

After losing his father, then losing his mother to Alzheimer’s soon after, he regretted not taking time to ask about their past. It was while working with hospice caregivers that Dennis decided to leave his successful career to found Project StoryKeeper to provide legacy story collection training to senior care and financial services professionals across the country.

To that end, he created the StoryKeeper Guidebook, which has since been transformed into the Legacy Stories HandbookHe trained more than 5,000 care providers in over 800 Hospices, Home Care, Assisted Living and Veterans communities as well as numerous financial advisors and estate planners.


Tom is former CEO and host of the Let’s Talk America radio show, which for 15 years aired on over 450 radio stations in the U.S. and Canada, and focused on self-improvement and personal achievement.

He co-founded Legacy Stories with Dennis after being inspired by his message as a guest on the show. In his role as CEO, Tom produced the groundbreaking Legacy Café Podcast, develops legacy-building solutions and performs ImpleMentor web meetings.

In 2008 Tom co-founded the Living Legacy Project (formerly Project StoryKeeper) and the International Assoc. of StoryKeepers (I ASK) with a mission to rescue the life experiences of the 20th century…the greatest body of wisdom in history….from going extinct.

Prior to this, Tom founded a real estate preservation organization in a vintage mountain village in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. In his role he launched an oral history project to preserve the history and voices of its elder residents.


Baby Boomers Need and Want Transformational Advisors

As boomers enter their legacy years, now is the best time be a Transformational Advisor.
Take a look at this survey conducted by the Allianz Academy of Legacies.
When asking baby boomers to prioritize their assets for an inheritance, they place a much higher priority on passing down legacy stories and possessions than financial assets.
As important as this is to boomers, very few have made provisions in their estate plan.
This presents a profitable opportunity to help this affluent generation start the conversation and serve the growing demand!

Quadruple Referrals
Increase Client Retention
Competitor-Proof Your Practice

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