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Stake Your Claim in the Emerging Legacy Space

As baby boomers enter their legacy years, they begin to look back on their lives, the difference they’ve made, and how they’ll be remembered. For most, leaving a legacy isn’t just about money, as shown in the adjacent graph.

Although leaving a financial legacy is important to them, today’s seniors realize that wealth, divorced from the wisdom that created it, is too often wasted by heirs. Different than generations past, they place a higher priority on passing on their values vs. valuables to the family and future generations.

Building a meaningful Legacy Portfolio can be a daunting task. Having a place to start and a defined path to follow is helpful. Though what they need most is for someone they trust to provide guidance, encouragement and support….. they need a coach. And until these critical elements are in place they risk taking their most valuable assets with them to the grave.

“The trusted advisors and providers who serve boomers and their families stand to gain the most by giving them a legacy plan to follow and the encouragement to pursue it. Therein lies a very timely business growth opportunity.”

Dennis Stack- Co-Founder, Legacy Stories

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Tools of Engagement


An entry level suite of legacy tools for client and prospect engagement, with minimal effort & expense


Client-interactive legacy coaching tools and training, strategic marketing, implementor support, and more.


Personalized legacy products & services to make a memorable impression with your successful Legacy Program 

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