'Acquire' Program

Take a quantum leap in client-acquisition
with our cause-marketing
tools of engagement!

The Legacy Stories 'Acquire' Program
delivers these benefits and more...

      • Differentiation that actually attracts prospects

      • Fill your calendar with appointments

      • Guest speaker bookings for groups of all kinds

      • Maximum impact with minimum effort

      • Implementation with private strategic support

Expand and inform your client base with rich
legacy content and cause-marketing strategies

Every two weeks the Legacy Talk Digest sends you…

  • Fascinating legacy content to enhance your social media marketing and differentiate your practice

  • Cause-marketing techniques and resources to holistically touch your target audience

  • Appointment-setting LLP group presentation with Powerpoint slides and script

  • Prospecting templates and copy to get on group guest speaker calendars

  • Legacy Café podcast recorded interviews to expand your legacy expertise and share with your audiences

  • Legacy Labs video tutorials to grow and sustain your practice with proven fundamentals

  • Relationship-building strategies in the LegacyStories.org platform

  • Recurring income fee-based legacy services

  • and lots more! 

"The digest is even better than I expected. Great concepts. Great tools. Great content! Well worth the price."

Jeff R. (Family Legacy Coach)

Attract and engage prospects and clients
with your branded lead generator webpage

The ‘Acquire’ Program is all about acquiring, retaining and enriching a quality client base, and all three happen with your personalized Legacy Stories Reminiscence Program web page.

Reminisce With Purpose- Our award-winning Reminiscence Program is designed to educate and motivate people to start writing or recording their legacy stories by reminiscing with purpose.

Weekly Story Prompts- Your clients and prospects receive one legacy question, by email, every Sunday morning to keep the topic of legacy top of mind. 

Co-branded Signup Page- To register clients and prospects into the program, you’ll receive a co-branded webpage with your logo, and an introductory video and signup form.

Lead Generator- Your personalized signup webpage is an engaging lead generator and community outreach vehicle. 

Promote your webpage in emails, newsletters, social media, blogs, etc. We provide you with sample copy to invite clients, prospects and/or groups to learn about and register into the program. 

Signup names and email addresses are delivered to you daily for nurturing.

"People love this and are very receptive to my follow ups. Great lead generator around holidays too!"

Ronald S. (Annuities Agent)

Watch the LLP Introductory Video Now!

Cause-marketing is leveraging a cause's purpose
to differentiate and grow your business.

In 2008 we launched the Living Legacy Project (LLP) to collect and preserve family legacies, the greatest body of wisdom in history. By adopting this universally-appealing cause you’ll competitor-proof your practice and increase your bottom line.

As an LLP Ambassador you’ll be empowered with one-of-a-kind cause-marketing tools that leave your competition wondering where their clients went. The free publicity alone will take your practice to center stage in your community.

"I'm honored to be a Living Legacy Project Ambassador! As for differentiation... WOW!

Charles A. (RIA)

'ImpleMentor' strategy sessions get immediate
results for your 'Acquire' Program

Your ‘Acquire’ Program takes advantage of our decade+ of experience in the legacy space.

In your ImpleMentor web sessions we’ll help you fast track results with a strategic plan that sets you on a clear path to success…without encumbering your normal transactional priorities.

After your initial orientation, we’ll help transform your practice in so many positive ways. You’ll never be alone and you can always reach us by email, live chat and phone.

In short, we’ll be your firm’s legacy marketing arm to dramatically enhance your regular marketing strategies.  

You guys sure know what you're doing in the legacy space. These private web sessions are excellent!

Clifton R. (Wealth Manager)

Get your share of the new legacy industry
while you can still differentiate.

Bank of America/Merrill-Lynch funded a 3-year study to determine the four most important pillars that define a lasting legacy. The report confirmed the Allianz findings with life lessons and values being the first of the four pillars.

More importantly, the report revealed that, after family members, boomers prefer trusted advisors to start the legacy conversation and help take the first steps.

That is EXACTLY what the ‘Acquire’ Program does!

Take a quantum leap in your practice by
booking a show & tell demo below!

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