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Tools of Engagement!

Cause Marketing

The Living Legacy Project (LLP) is a cause that helps build and preserve family legacies.

The LLP Ambassador Program includes cause marketing tools of engagement that set appointments with prospects and converts them to clients…..just for starters.

Play the 2-minute LLP introductory video that compels people to learn more!

When you know a person's 8 core values you earn
100% of their business and 4.1 Introductions! (Forbes)

The LLP Ambassador Program Includes….

  • A proven Legacy Talk that elicits one’s values system and converts prospects into clients.

  • A path forward to build the family legacy with or without your assistance, and generates enthusiastic introductions.

  • Legacy Talk Digest to expand your client base with actionable cause marketing strategies and resources.

  • A one-on-one or team ImpleMentor web meeting to develop your Ambassador launch strategy

Scroll down to view each of these program components….

The Legacy Talk

Our exclusive interview process elicits legacy stories
and builds intergenerational loyalty!

By simply viewing our 42-minute video tutorial you’ll learn…..

  • the 4 stages of an effective Legacy Talk interview

  • the right questions and sequence to elicit priceless  legacy stories  

  • the ‘aha’ moment when tellers are awakened to their wisdom treasure

  • how to record the interview with your smartphone or digital voice recorder

  • how to deliver the recording to generate referrals within the family

The Path Forward

After a Legacy Talk the client will want a path forward
and you have everything to gain by providing one!

The Legacy StoriesHandbook has over 230 categorized legacy questions, several legacy letter templates, a legacy asset inventory checklist and more.

Connect with clients and their families as they write, record, preserve and share their legacy stories in our secure, award-winning Legacy Stories archive.

Our free Legacy Stories mobile app takes a picture of an heirloom, artifact or legacy photo and records the teller’s voice while reminiscing with purpose.

The Legacy Talk Digest

Expand your client base as Ambassador with engaging
legacy content, training and cause marketing resources

In bi-weekly email editions you’ll receive…

  • compelling legacy content to enhance your social media marketing, and differentiate your practice from transactional to transformational.

  • a Living Legacy Project group presentation that sets appointments with your target audience

  • cause marketing resources to reach a variety of audiences such as ethnic, cultural, social, faith-based, and business groups.

  • video tutorials to grow your business from the ground up

  • family interaction strategies that generate new clients in the LegacyStories archive

……and much more!

The ImpleMentor

We'll help develop your Ambassador launch strategy
to attract your target audience quickly and effectively

To help you get the most out of your Ambassador Program we’ll schedule a private ImpleMentor web meeting with you and/or your team to strategize the launch of your Ambassador designation.

In addition, you’ll have email, live chat and phone support. In short, we’ll be your legacy marketing arm that seamlessly adds a powerful dimension to your practice.

The Opportunity

As boomers enter their legacy years
demand for legacy guidance is rapidly increasing

Take a look at this survey by the Allianz Academy of Legacies.

When boomers were asked to prioritize their inheritance assets they clearly prefer passing down family stories and life lessons over financial assets.

Sadly, very few have added the these legacy assets to their estate plan.

This presents a well-timed opportunity to offer first step guidance that builds trust, loyalty and expands your client base!

If you want to add immeasurable value to your practice or start a purpose-driven business, the LLP Ambassador Program is your best transformational option.

Featured Ambassadors and Partners

Take your business to the next level as a
Living Legacy Project Ambassador

Licensing Options

Free Trial



Paid  Annually ($1188/yr)



Archive Accounts

($349 value per client) 

Legacy Talk System

Video Tutorials,

Templates & Documents

12 Printed

Legacy Stories


Private 'ImpleMentor'

Strategic Coaching Session



Paid Annually ($1788/yr)

Essentials Features


Legacy Talk Digest

Client-Acquisition & Retention

Marketing Resources

50 Branded

Legacy Stories


Semi-Annual Private 'ImpleMentor'

Strategy Coaching Sessions



Paid Annually ($2388/yr)

Essentials and Advanced Features



Family Legacy Coaching

System & Certification


Lead Generator


Quarterly Private 'ImpleMentor'

Strategy Coaching Sessions

Ambassador Program

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