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You don’t have to be a genealogist or personal historian to provide your clients with top tier legacy guidance. With some basic training and a full suite of resources at your disposal you can help your clients discover and pass down their life lessons and stories as a Legacy Coach.


As a Legacy Coach you’ll enjoy all the benefits that come from learning your clients’ values system without having to perform highly skilled functions. The Legacy Coaching System provides you the training and tools of engagement required to deliver impactful legacy coaching.

The process begins by engaging in a 60-90 minute legacy talk with your client or prospect. This fascinating conversation will help your clients discover the value of their legacy stories and assets, while forming a much deeper bond with you.

With your Legacy Coaching System’s mini video tutorials and downloads, you’ll quickly learn the Legacy Talk process and how to follow up after, including;

  • how to invite the client to a legacy talk
  • how to conduct the interview
  • which questions to ask sequentially
  • how and when to share your story
  • follow up strategies

After the legacy talk your clients will need a path forward. As a Legacy Coach you’ll tap into the engine that powers the award-winning Legacy Stories platform. You’ll learn how to effectively demonstrate these tools of engagement to generate ongoing client interaction (revenue) and more.

By viewing a few short video tutorials with action steps you’ll be ready to launch a legacy pilot program. We’ll show you exactly how to do this.


The Legacy Coaching System comes with a dozen Legacy Stories Handbooks, one of the most powerful and effective tools of engagement for ongoing interactions with clients.

You’ll learn how to introduce the handbook after a legacy talk and how it can be used to schedule regular legacy talk sessions where other family members and heirs can be invited to contribute to the family legacy.

This extraordinary handbook is an all-in-one guide to use for gathering legacy stories, writing legacy letters, recording stories with our mobile app, archiving and sharing stories in the LegacyStories.org platform and more, all packed into an 8.5″x11″ 32-page booklet.

Handled by multiple family members multiple times, as content is entered into the handbook it becomes a priceless family heirloom. With a handwritten note on the inside cover, you could seed the next generation of quality clients.

For an extra charge, we’ll print your personal message along with your photo, logo and company information on the inside cover to make a lasting impression the family won’t soon forget. (See Legacy Customizations)

The Legacy Coaching System also includes all the tools of engagement you’ll need to deliver a compelling group presentation.

We’ll provide you with a generic Powerpoint template and a customizable script to follow.

You can easily replace many of the placeholder images in certain slides with your own to personalize your presentation.

We’ll show you how to adapt the presentation to fit any situation for any length of time. For example, you can simply tag a 5-minute legacy presentation to the beginning or end of your seminars, or you can promote an entire seminar or client-appreciation event that centers on helping people begin to tell their legacy stories.

Since the topic of legacy has universal appeal, you can use the presentation to speak to groups that may not be focused on your particular niche, a great way to meet prospects in a way that can lead to more business later!

We’ll provide you with customizable handouts, and you can give away the Legacy Stories Handbooks for the ultimate takeaway.

To help implement your legacy program smoothly and efficiently, the Legacy Coaching System comes with two 45-minute personal impleMentoring sessions via phone and/or web meeting.

The first session is to answer questions to get you up to speed in our platform, and any other aspect of your training and resources.

Once you’ve completed the basic set up and training, we’ll schedule a strategic deployment meeting to help clarify the most impactful approach based on the goals of your practice.

You can invite key members of your team to join the meeting so we can make suggestions about possible roles each may assume, or to get everyone in the firm on the same page before rolling out your new Legacy Coaching service.

You’ll have phone and live chat support after these sessions but can order web meetings for an added cost if or whenever you need them.

Your Legacy Coaching System comes with a full year subscription to the Legacy Essentials System, which includes:


We invested more than a decade of R&D in the legacy space, and we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. Now you can use our research to enhance your practice as the consummate legacy professional.

Each month, the Legacy Labs Digest provides you with powerful content to grow your practice in the legacy space such as:

  • Legacy-building ideas and tips to share on your social media
  • Legacy-relevant articles for your blog and newsletter
  • Recorded webinars on a host of legacy topics
  • Innovative marketing strategies in the legacy space
  • Client interaction methods and protocols
  • Cross-promotions with legacy experts

and much more!


As the legacy movement grows, so does demand for legacy services of all kinds. The Legacy Concierge Directory was created to provide an easy way for people in legacy mode to find professionals, like you, who can provide another key component to their holistic legacy plan.

With your listing in the Legacy Concierge Directory you’ll join a network of legacy professionals who provide services for:

  • Memoirs & Biographies
  • Photo Organizing & Scanning
  • Video Biographies & Tributes
  • Audio Editing & Oral Histories
  • Genealogical Research
  • Heirloom Preservation
  • Financial, Estate & Legacy Planning
  • Elder Care, Downsizing & Funeral Planning
  • Real Estate



Your Legacy Essentials System also includes a co-branded version of our award-winning Legacy Reminiscence Program. This value-add lead gen vehicle is designed to educate and motivate people to start writing or recording their legacy stories by ‘reminiscing with purpose.’

CO-BRANDED SIGNUP PAGE- To register clients and family members into the program, you’ll receive a co-branded URL webpage with your logo, and an introductory video and signup form.

MEMORY PROMPTS- Participants  receive legacy questions every other Sunday morning by email to keep the topic of legacy top of mind.

CONNECT WITH EXISTING CLIENTS- Introducing this no-load legacy-building program to existing clients is an easy way to open a dialog for other business. All you do is open the URL, play the 2-minute video, and sign them up. The introductory video explains the whole program for you.

GENERATE NEW LEADS- Add a special link to your website to promote your complimentary legacy program. Share it with the community as a meaningful e-deliverable outreach vehicle. Promote your webpage in emails, newsletters, social media, blogs, etc.

BUILD YOUR MAILING LIST- All registrant names and email addresses are delivered to you for following up and nurturing  leads.

NURTURE RELATIONSHIPS- After registering into the program, participants start their program by creating their free Legacy Portfolio account in the Legacy Stories platform, where they can write, record and discriminately share their legacy stories.

When this happens, they are automatically placed in the Friends section of your profile and visa versa.


Upon successfully completing the Legacy Talk tutorial series you’ll receive a Certificate of Training, suitable for framing, from the Living Legacy Project.

As a Certified Legacy Coach, you’ll have acquired the skills and resources to assist clients and families in building a meaningful legacy portfolio.

Additionally, you’ll be recognized as an Ambassador for the Living Legacy Project in your community. And, you can add CLC to your credential.

This designation will open new doors of opportunity for business growth. We’ll show you how!

Upon completion of your training we’ll help you tell the community and the world about your new legacy coaching service.

 You’ll want to share this news with your own social networks too. This exposure could be worth the price of the Legacy Coaching System all by itself.

Not only is this a great way to show your practice is values-based but it also shows that you are a leader amongst your peers.

Until legacy services become commonplace (in the next 2-3 years) you’ll differentiate yourself from the competition. How much is that worth?

This publicity boost is available only to Legacy Coaching System professionals who have conducted a successful legacy talk using the legacy tools of engagement in this system.

When your clients discover the value of stories they can contribute to the family legacy they’ll be more open to paying you a fee to continue the process.

This is a great way to add a new source of revenue to your practice or for people who want to start a legacy coaching business.

We’ll provide you with suggestions on how to create coaching packages that can be sold directly or bundled with other services you already offer.

Legacy Coaching System Benefits

  • Create personal and meaningful touch points with clients
  • Understand a client’s values system on a deeper level
  • Establish durable relationship with family and successors
  • Generate a more significant and substantial referral flow
  • Deliver a well articulated value proposition clients can embrace
  • Increase revenue and the value of your practice

“The training easily fit into my busy schedule, which made it more enjoyable for our team to get up to speed together. My first 2 legacy talks were fantastic!”

George M.- Estate Planning Attorney

“The response from my A-list clients has been overwhelmingly positive. Excellent support too.”

Jeremy C- Wealth Manager

“We used the Legacy Stories resources to promote a financial planning workshop. The topic resonated so well that we booked 2 more- because the room filled up so fast and we had to turn people away.”

Janice T- Wealth Manager

“Our families get excited to learn about their loved one’s past, and their elder is happy they’ll be visiting often.”

Bernadette S- Exec Dir. Assisted Living/Memory Care Community

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