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Your Donation is Much Appreciated!

Hello Friend!

The fact that you’re even on this page says a lot about the future of our children and the world they live in today. We have a lot to do and it will take a lot of people to help in more ways than financially.

To deny our grandchildren a chance to learn from those who came before them due to apathy or procrastination would be unforgivable. To avoid this societal catastrophe it takes a unified effort of families, ethnic, faith and cultural groups to  collect, preserve and share our legacy stories.

With your generous donation we can assure that the LegacyStories.org archive will be sustained and maintained today and into the future. You can make a one-time donate or help on a continual basis, which is best for us, and you can cancel or change any time.

We and future generations cannot thank you enough for your donation.

Legacy Matters! Pass it On!

Tom Cormier, Co-Founder

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