Retention & Referral Program

When you know a client's 8 core values you earn
100% of their business and 4.1 introductions!

(Source: Client Relationship Study by Forbes Writer, Russ Alan Prince)

The 4-STEP R&R Program delivers these
client retention and referral benefits:

For Your Practice..

        • Add values to valuables for ‘holistic estate plans’

        • Build client loyalty with family & relatives

        • Mitigate succession conflicts

        • Enthusiastic referrals from within the family

        • Competitor-proof differentiation

For Your Clients..

        • Recorded Legacy Talk interview for posterity

        • Complementary LegacyMaker Portfolio 

        • Legacy Stories Handbook to engage heirs and relatives

        • Trusted advisor for guidance and monitoring progress

        • Create a durable legacy that thrives for generations

Record a 'Legacy Talk'

If you want to quickly learn your clients'
values system, have a Legacy Talk!

Our proprietary Legacy Talk interview method elicits your clients’ values system, and delivers a legacy asset that starts building the family narrative.

Our process was formulated while training 5000+ eldercare providers, wealth managers and estate planners.

In only 42 minutes you’ll learn…..

  • the 4 stages of an effective Legacy Talk interview

  • how to record the interview for posterity

  • the ‘aha’ moment that transforms your relationship

  • why a personalized thumb drive is so valuable

You’ll also get…

  • Legacy Talk and Legacy Succession interview questionnaires

  • Sample copy for Legacy Talk invitations..and more!

"Your interview process is everything you say it is and more.
I highly encourage my colleagues to experience this!"

Anne H. (Estate Planner)

Provide a path forward

LegacyMaker Portfolio Features…

  • Unlimited media storage

  • Unlimited multi-media stories and chapters

  • Unlimited narrated legacy photos and slideshows

  • Unlimited audio recordings and playlists

  • Unlimited legacy groups to join or create

  • Mentor Center video tutorials for convenient learning

  • Legacy Trustee section for authorized access

  • Separate connect networks for Family and Friends

  • 5 content viewing audiences

  • Encrypted security on the Amazon cloud with triple redundancy backup …and much, much more!

Recording a Legacy Talk is only the first step in building the family narrative. Now what?

STEP 2 gives the client and family members a path forward with a complementary LegacyMaker Portfolio in the platform, a secure online repository to write, record, curate, preserve and share the family narrative.

Just watch a few short video tutorials and you’ll be fluent enough to introduce the platform confidently and upload your client’s Legacy Talk recording…..a huge value-add experience if there ever was one! 

Better still, you’ll pay only a tiny fraction of retail for the 50 LegacyMaker Portfolios included in the R&R Program. Memberships

"LegacyMaker Portfolios are the best value-add I've ever given to clients.
They're also great prospect closing sweeteners."

James E. (Wealth Manager)

Meet the family

So now your clients have a premium LegacyMaker Portfolio with the first recording uploaded. But they all have very busy lives so what next? 

Step-3 assures the process continues by designating a Family Legacy Trustee who’ll use the Legacy Stories Handbook to gather stories, identify legacy assets, and fill the LegacyMaker Portfolio with priceless content.

Generally regarded as the ‘heart of the family’, every family has one. We’ll reveal this person to you, and he or she will be honored to take on the role and introduce you to family members in the process!

Your R&R Program comes with 50 personalized handbooks with your welcome message, photo, company logo and contact information printed on the inside cover.

"Your were right when you said these handbooks get family members involved.
And who wouldn't want a holiday gift like this?"

Francine V. (Financial Advisor)


STEP 4 of the R&R Program puts everything together and starts the ball rolling with private ImpleMentor web sessions….scheduled at your convenience. 

Here’s where you take advantage of our decade+ of experience in the legacy space. Our tools and process is so simple to learn and deploy that many people don’t think they need additional coaching. That said, they don’t know what they’re missing!

In your ImpleMentor web sessions we’ll help you fast track results with a strategic plan that sets you on a clear path to success…..without encumbering your normal transactional priorities. 

After your initial orientation, we can help transform your practice in myriad ways yet to be revealed. You’ll never be alone and you can always reach us by email, live chat and phone.

In short, we’ll be your firm’s legacy department that perfectly complements whatever client communication platform you now have in place. You can even use your ImpleMentor sessions to have us introduce or guide your clients in the archive, or help them in any other way. It’s entirely up to you!

"Very informative and helpful on multiple fronts.
Every session is eye-opening and productive!"

Matthew H. (Planned Giving Advisor)

Featured Clients and Partners

As boomers enter their 'legacy years'
demand for legacy guidance is rapidly increasing

Take a look at this survey by the Allianz Academy of Legacies.

When boomers were asked to prioritize their inheritance assets they clearly prefer passing down family stories and life lessons over financial assets. Yet, very few have added the these legacy assets to their estate plan.

This presents a well-timed opportunity to offer first step guidance that builds trust, loyalty and expands your client base!

If you want to add immeasurable value to your practice , now it the time!

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