'Retain' Program

When you know a client's 8 core values you earn
100% of their business and 4.1 introductions!

(Source: Client Relationship Study by Forbes Writer, Russ Alan Prince)

Our 4-STEP Program delivers these
client retention and referral benefits:

For Your Practice..

        • Add values to valuables for ‘holistic estate plans’

        • Build client loyalty with family & relatives

        • Mitigate succession conflicts

        • Enthusiastic referrals from within the family

        • Competitor-proof differentiation

For Your Clients..

        • Recorded Legacy Talk interview for posterity

        • Complementary StoryVault account

        • Legacy Stories Handbook to engage heirs and relatives

        • Guidance and support

        • Create a legacy that thrives for generations

Record a 'Legacy Talk'

If you want to quickly learn your clients'
values system, have a Legacy Talk!

Our proprietary Legacy Talk interview method elicits your clients’ values system, and delivers a legacy asset that starts building the family narrative.

Our process was formulated while training 5000+ eldercare providers, wealth managers and estate planners.

In only 42 minutes you’ll learn…..

  • the 4 stages of an effective Legacy Talk interview

  • how to record the interview for posterity

  • the ‘aha’ moment that transforms your relationship

  • why a personalized thumb drive is so valuable

You’ll also get…

  • Legacy Talk and Legacy Succession interview questionnaires

  • Sample copy for Legacy Talk invitations..and more!

"Your interview process is turning clients into close friends and now they're
referring me to family and friends. I'm obviously sold on this!"

Anne H. (Estate Planner)

Provide a path forward

Recording a Legacy Talk is only the first step in building the family narrative. Now what?

STEP 2 gives the client and family members a path forward with a lifetime StoryVault account in the LegacyStories.org platform, a secure online repository to write, record, curate, preserve and share the family narrative.

Your ‘Retain’ Program includes lifetime StoryVault accounts for less than 10% of retail!

"These Story Vault accounts are awesome!
Much appreciated by my clients and their families."

James E. (Wealth Manager)

Meet the Legacy Trustee

So now your clients have a premium StoryVault account with the first recording uploaded. But they all have very busy lives so what next? 

Step-3 assures the process continues by designating a Family Legacy Trustee who’ll use the Legacy Stories Handbook to gather stories, identify legacy assets, and fill the StoryVault with priceless content.

Whether it’s one of the siblings, a niece or cousin,  every family has a storykeeper, genealogist or historian.  He or she will be honored to take on the role of Legacy Trustee and introduce you to family members in the process!

Your ‘Retain’ Program comes with 25 Legacy Stories Handbooks. For an extra cost we’ll print your welcome message, photo, company logo and contact information printed on the inside cover.

"These handbooks get a 'wow' every time I explain them to clients.
Great for holiday gifts too!"

Francine V. (Financial Advisor)

Implementation & Coaching

STEP 4 of the ‘Retain’ Program takes advantage of our ImpleMentor web sessions.

We’ll hold your hand from implementation to an outcome that delivers our promise….one easy step at a time.

We’ll also use these sessions for Legacy Trustee..

  • Orientation to assess their capabilities and explain their role accordingly

  • Training & support to build out the StoryVault. 

  • Advanced Training to engage family and relatives

If there is no Legacy Trustee available, we’ll teach you ….or we’ll take the burden off of you and coach the client on your behalf. It’s entirely up to you!

In short, we’ll be your firm’s legacy department that perfectly complements whatever client communication platform you now have in place. 

"Very informative and helpful on multiple fronts.
Every session is eye-opening and productive!"

Matthew H. (Planned Giving Advisor)

Featured Clients and Partners

As boomers enter their 'legacy years'
demand for legacy guidance is rapidly increasing

Take a look at this survey by the Allianz Academy of Legacies.

When boomers were asked to prioritize their inheritance assets they clearly prefer passing down family stories and life lessons over financial assets. Yet, very few have added the these legacy assets to their estate plan.

This presents a well-timed opportunity to offer first step guidance that builds trust, loyalty and expands your client base!

If you want to add immeasurable value to your practice, now is the time!

Take your practice to the next level today by
booking a show & tell demo below!

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